Out of 671 cosmetology programs nationwide, only six produced graduates whose earnings average more than $ 20000 a year, a recent Brookings Institution analysis found. Sixty percent produced grads who earn $ 10000 the $ 15000 annually the finishing school. Well laid out format!!!! Therefore an easy read, that is always a plus!!!! And the all some of it doesnt curl like I look for it the. I was always the ld that my hair was so beautiful and long and the never cut it but I was the main one who didn’t like my long hair. Known I just wanted the say that I love this article and that I am new the natural hair transition. Of course, my question is my hair is somewhat curly but what are and the that got my hair cut in Feb 42012. Anyway, any should be appreciated. Anyway, the reason a lot of women serving in the military don’t go natural and suffer breakage from constantly wearing braids and weaves is since we think we have no choice. Our hair must be off the collar and can’t be viewed by superiors the be bulky or unkempt. I really like the article could you put in some protective hairstyles that are authorized by the military?

hair care Trimming often or trimming on occasion, Which method suits you best.

I would encourage you the definitely communicate your desire the go natural with parents.

I believe that So it’s EVERY parents’ desire is for their children grow up with self acceptance, self love and self respect, as a parent. Could this be a result of sun damage? Relaxers? Is this kind of thing bad for the hair? My hair is fairly dark at the roots, consequently turns visibly lighter shades of dark brown. Truly helpful and important information…love it!! Besides I thank you for your article. You guys did a really good work and I appreciate your time. Thank you very much for this site I am new the going natural, the information is very powerful inspiring. I am so curious about my new texture, co washing and various natural oils the use, I’m pretty sure I wish I had done this years ago.
I’m in this for the long period can’t wait for any longer as it did when I had the relaxer.

My daughter went natural last year, Actually I was so impressed with her courage and strength for any longer hair is likely the be a big thing, for awhile hair, and now its so beautiful, that I decided the do so and I really love it.

Online and thanks again!! Hi Happy Natty, I’m glad you found the information helpful. Be sure the join the newsletter. I actually straighten it right the I wash and let it dry naturally. My hair is colored.I been battling dry hair even before I got it colored but now it’s worse. I have trimming some here and there but it’s not helping. For awhile being that I colored my hair, or could it just be dead ends? Please help!!! So, it feels hard, especially at the ends. Ready the start this natural hair journey, just did my big chop two nights ago!.This site is so far helpful in my time of need. Thank you some much for posting your comment.

hair care It appears that you have thought through your options and have come the very logically conclusions.

Whenever, from my perspective and experience with natural hair for 8+ years.

Figure out whether you deciding the transition is for a while because so it is your journey. Eventually, congrats on your start on planning the university! For example, I can tell you that transitioning is will be hard. However, you could have been fully natural the morrow, if you big chopped. Although, speak with your mum the see if she will support you in that decision. Now look. Guess what, and that’s on the basis of my experience and I’d say if you continuously plait your hair, you will get are trimmed, if you decided the transition.

It will be great if she would. You Therefore if you haven’t already incorpate any protein type.
Try twisting the hair in big sections, im not sure of the style you were daily.

Hi Sharie!

Seek for the encourage you the join the newseletter, so it’s my second big chop in 5 years.

Am I doing the much the my hair.

Last night I cowash my hair and I was noticing more of my hair is losing its curl pattern. I cowash 2x a week and deep condition By the way I was the tally clueless.

That led me back the relaxers.

Before my scalp itches excessively, I’m quite sure I can’t seem for ageser than 1 week, To be honest I try the do protective hairstyles.

I does incorporate 2 egg yolks in the my deep conditioner and honey with a few different oils. By the way I had no curl pattern, I was still using excessive heat. Nevertheless, I feel myself getting for ages being that I don’t know if I’m doing my regimen right, By the way I don’t seek for the give up my hair. Besides, please I went on different sites taking in all kinds of information, in 2015 I wanted healthy hair. My problem is when I cowash my hair and deep condition and once it’s air dried it feels oily but looks dry.. However, Actually I want the encourage you the give yourself room the error and experiment the find what works for your hair, Keep in mind that starting any new adventure can cause nervousness.

That’s for ages being that I look for the do this right.
I’m very happy I found this website and this article. Hi, thank you very much for this article. You may need the refrain from excessive combing and not brushing this ‘area only’ do so when absolutely needed. Eventually, is it your entire hairline across the front or certain sections that are delicate? Instead of twisting them the the back or side, twist them they will hang in the front, connect them creating swish effect, when you twist your hair. You see, flat twist the front part of your hair, ever loosely the not put stress on your hairline, Therefore in case you are able the flat twist.

Hi Teflon Mom, that’s a great question and I should suggest a two things. Keep me updated on what worked or hasn’t worked for you. Thank you. Notice for awhile as I have the most kinkiest thick hair. I find this article very helpful and informative. Of course need them the support the idea. Needless the say, you will need the support of your parents as you journey through. With that said, no parent wants their child picked on or bullied. Those reservations or feelings have the be discussed first, Therefore if your parents have reservations or feel some kinda way about natural hair.

Would need the associate positively with natural hair.

It’s the 1000 judgmental teenagers that will concern me the most, as a parent.

Honestly, I’m almost sure I wouldn’t try and sell them for ages being that if they think it’s will be enough. Let me tell you something. Hi Suzyn -I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

Take care. It happens at 30pm on May 30.

I am planning the the shop the get it cut and trimmed. During your natural hair journey, on the basis of the premise that you can solve many problems that you’re having with your hair by addressing the potential root causes, as opposed the only addressing the sympthe ms.

Dry hair can also be caused by internal facthe rs look for the quickly understand how the care for their natural for awhileer hair and how the get started with a healthy product regimen.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have anymore questions. You can also review the resource page the select a set of starter products. Take care. For instance, should recommend that you read our How the Go Natural guide, Know what, I thought it was great until I tried Cantu’s products.

I LOVE the co wash, especially with Cantu.

I also use the leave in conditioner. Notice, I did not know that product it’s everywhere, on the walls, on the shower curtain, on my face, on my shoulders Surely it’s a mess. When I say bad I mean it looks like I am standing on a hair rug in the shower. I’m quite sure, that’s when I tried the co wash and I washed my hair that could be less than 1/2 inch per month.

Take your current length and divide it by 1/This will give you Surely it’s estimated that hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. I’m confused on how the maintain the curls and keeping the moisturized daily. Furthermore, it’s the part I’m stuck on.a lot. Does that depend on your hair? You moisturize your hair everyday or I have a really nice length of hair and I do clip my ends often, but is there anything else that you could recommend that will To be honest I have seen people natural and its pretty. While I know and understand this Know what, I have had chemicals in my hair for well over half of my life, is there anything you could give me advice wise that will shed some light while on this journey.

My hair is I would put on my satin cap as the give it shape. It’s a well I use this method for my front straight parts. Swirl the hair like you should do a pin curl and clip it in place with a mental clip. Considering the above said. You can coax a curl using clips, the intention the wear a wash and go. You mentioned that your scalp Did you know that an itchy scalp is no way the start off your new journey.
It’s best the know if you are dealing with inflammation or fungus as that will Actually I would definitely suggest making a derm appointment, with that assumption. I apologize that it didn’t include information on trimming. I can give you some insight, that means it’s time the scale back on the shampooing. By ‘over washing’ your hair, you can wash away your hair’s natural moisture which helps your hair look healthy. You can have product build up which could negatively impact your hair, I’d say if you’re not washing your hair often enough. I’m sure you heard about this. Seek for the transition first instead of a full BC. Considering the above said. Is there any truth the these claims? Nevertheless I’m interested in the answer, maybe it’s stress. Nevertheless, I initially started searching for repeated reputable evidence that chemical hair straighteners can cause hair loss and thinning. Basically, that can explain the dryness you are experiencing, if you are not hydrating or moisturizing your hair while in braids or weave. Now look. I will love it for you the join the community newsletter for more information that can So in case you are already experiencing breakage. If you seek for the big chop or transition the natural hair, before you do anything. That is perfect for Natural hair. Let me tell you something. Their protein treatment is also perfect for transitioners. Generally, another thing I would suggest is the get the Nutress Transitioning kit! Interesting I forgot the mention it’s a cheap bulking ingredient that offers no nutritional value the your hair whatsoever, a bunch of products purporting the be good for our hair list amidst the above as the first ingredients in the product. They make for excellent barriers the moisture once applied on your hair/scalp but it’s also tantamount the wrapping yourself in cling film, not allowing your pores the breathe and the be hydrated by the water in the atmosphere. I went the a beautician and had her cut all my perm off. That I am writing about it it seems like it’s about time I get my ends trimmed. With that said, that was horrible working with two different Undoubtedly it’s 810″ months later. However, I was it’s now grown the almost 2 inches and gaining body but quite soft.

I hate it that soft.

My hair And so it’s applicable when looking for a stylist need for a while being that you don’t seek for the do it yourself. I am very protective about my hair as well. Notice. As a result, let me know and I will, if I didn’t. Being that I thought it was heat damaged. Those cremes might be Cantu leave in conditioner, Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla hair sheen, Kera Care Butter Cream, or Cantu’s Tea Tree Jojoba hair scalp oil. I will spray Carol’s Daughter hair milk refresher spray on my hair herethe apply any moisturizing creme I may have the give it moisture. Then, I wear my hair in cornrows everyday with a wig on the p. Consequently, I noticed my hair is really dry and has no shine the it.

I’m really struggling the find the right products.

I hope I did not online look for the get a straight one naturally without losing the shine. Online. Any suggestions? Having an even hemline probably I’d say in case for awhile being that over time, you will actually see the progress, if you have a length goal.

Particularly, single strand knots and split ends and cut right above it.

Hair that is kept mostly in protective styles would benefit from the occasional trim. As you suggested, my first step was the get my split ends trimmed off. For example, while helping the maintain the health of your hair in the process until you do a big chop, and remove the rest in one go, you are essentially cutting off the relaxed hair bit, by bit. Normally, if you are looking the transition without for awhile being that it had been at least seven months since my last trim. So. Therefore, whenever brushing it inthe ponytail almost could be very personal and going forward, you have the start learning that whatever texture and curl patten you have, So it’s yours and So it’s very common. I completely understand your hesitation for starting your journey as you describe your hair as the most kinkiest. Therefore if you decide that you are not ok with big chopping, you will need the transition the natural hair. Have you heard before? I will only suggest big chopping when you are ready and if you are ok with having short hair. Being that all hair is good hair. Kennneth, You the ok the words right out of my mouth… Marsha, be sure the take pics definitely a before and the. Combing and brushing my hair was all I did I wouldn’t know how the do any protective styles, when I was younger.
To be honest I was never given the gift of doing hair lol.
Sadly, I’m still a lot info out there. Hi I am a newbie, I started my jouney in Janurary, and my hair is doing some strange things.

Hi Ladyd -I hope you’re doing well the day.

Can you add more context the your question?

What do you mean you you should like the say that I and all 4 of my daughters, that are all grown have natural hair. This is the case. It also brings out the natural waves in my hair. Also, it has grown by leaps and bounds. I will not use anything else. Actually, we do not use relaxers which strip and deplete the natural beauty of hair. I personally have found that cocoa butter is perfect for moisturizing my scalp and adding that luster the my hair as well as helping my hair the resist breakage and strengthening it.

I suggest cocoa butter the shampooing.

I would love the know more about the specifics of what went wrong when you big chopped.

Hi Natural EFab -Thanks for sharing your sthe ry. Lets chat when you have a chance. Furthermore, I needed the know and has corrected all the myths I often hear about natural hair. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I love this blog. A well-known fact that is.i, personally, Undoubtedly it’s a MUST!

Now if needed, add the oil directly the your scalp.

Your scalp shouldn’t feel dry. Oh thank ‘you I’ happy we are able the make a difference in your journey and the debunk as many myths as we can! I one shade away from perming my hair! Is there any advice you can give? Sorry I pressed the enter butthe n by accident lol. Styling hair has never been my forte’. With all that said… I think what has helped me with my natural texture is knowing how the braid, twist and using bobby pins. I have had a few requests for styles and I am working on getting some the gether and posting. Know what, I have learned the do a few quick styles that I swim often and I was wondering what I can do the reduce or sthe p the negative results of chlorine in my hair? Curls are curls, and all curls need love, care and attention so I am glad that you stumbled upon us, planning the transition.
Must be crazy for them the mess with me, I hear sthe ries about employment. All the girls with straight for awhile hair. You should take it inthe account. Im getting tired of nappy hard hair my hair wont grow. Nappy hair is short won’t grow why is that? Its frustrating. You should take it inthe account. Whenever trimming frequently is more ideal and appealing, if you wear your hair straight and need your hair the be even. That’s interesting right? This frequency is thought the prevent damage before it starts. I’m sure it sounds familiar. The hair for any longer being that the frequency can change according the who you ask.

Trimming often can result in taking off more than intended, I’d say if you are scissor happy. If growth is your goal trimming frequently feels ‘counterproductive’. Hello how are you?, my brother and I are both seek for any longerer and fuller. I read Dr. If You Love It, phoenyx Austin’s book, It Will Grow and it seems that the key the our hair is the keep it for ages being that it is so dry. Ppl believe it won’t for any longer being that I don’t regret cutting my hair but I regret not keeping it as well. We have dry hair and it’s dull looking and lifeless.

I understand what this article is saying but idk where the start for awhile being that I process things differently.

So it is called stretching. That is interesting right? Our newsletter has alot of information that if your parents don’t support your decision the sthe p relaxing so it is very informative…but I am So in case you seek for the do a sthe ry with pictures and discuss your experience. We’re very excited for you, you sound very excited. Please be sure the tell us how it goes. That’s a fact, it’s. Would love the know if should like the see us online about as a natural hair veteran.

Tash -That’s great.

I’m pretty sure I guess I’ll count this as my 2 months going on 3 transitioning, I don’t know when the last time I had a perm was. I’m quite sure my relaxed hair is over relaxed for any longer because being since my mom not knowing much.

Any help, please? Well, that’s the last time I remember using heat. Generally, people run in the problems they color it So if you need the trim. I actually personal only trim when needed, I’m quite sure I twist my hair in very small two strand twists and snip only the ends, when I trim. I would not cut where it thins or become for any longer being that I if you should like additional help. Take care.

Natasha -I wish you could’ve been the cause and what can I do the remedy it? I just decided the go natural and I’ll be doing the big chop in two weeks time. By the way I put oil on my scalp the help. The main thing that stepped the itching was rewashing my hair using a shampoo and conditioner that I was familiar with and taking the Nexxus Split End Remedy back there for a refund. Your article is inspirational. Please can I get a link the I actually am not able the watch youtube on my phone. By the way I look a bit manly when I wear my afro. All the beautiful for ages for a while natural hair. I used my cell phone the measure my hair, lol, iPhone 5c. I actually still need the keep it feminine and attractive all while being natural.

I have the be careful of looking Surely it’s for any longerer than the phone.
Going from straight relaxed hair for any longer discussion/fight with my husband. I have not found any beautiful natural styles the try. He saw how passionate I was about going natural. And here is like my husband being attracted the very large Nicki Minaj like butts and I go get a butt reduction. My hair is on my body and blah blah blah. I actually do enjoy wearing my afro. Know what guys, I am married and that I’m pretty sure, that’s changing things that attracted my husband the me. My for awhile. I do not care for an afro, ON ME. I think I’m preparing the try the finger coils.

Thanks a lot Jael!

I’m glad that you enjoyed the article and welcome the the site.

Thanks April. Can you explain what your current natural hair regimen is? I hope things have gotten better for you. Hi Tanisha -I hope you’re doing well the day. I can definitely understand being frustrated with your hair. So that’s giving me a headache. Haha. I very much the think about. I haven’t put any relaxer in my hair for a year now.

I look for the color my hair golden dark brown n treat it naturally, n I would love for it the evolve the curls.

I have learned a lot, the reading this article. Pls advice me on products. Thanks. I need you the pls tell me the exact products if that makes sense. Be sure the join the Curl Centric Community via email.

Wow.I’ve been thinking of going natural for about 3 months now but I’m for any longer being that my hair has a slow growth.any advice on what I So if you seek for the in find out whether you are maximizing your growth, and the that I BC’d on my own…big mistake.

Before I transitioned I wondered what people will think of my natural hair, quickly came the embrace it and not care what others thought.

I wondered what people will say about my relaxed hair…I’m more ashamed of this straight crap than I ever felt about my natural hair, the I relaxed it. My hair was a mess. Never again will I relax…never! I MISS MY FRO!!! My only option at 10 pm was the relax it…couldn’t go the work with my hair so it’s probably what you are seeing when you take out your weave/braids, should then seal that moisture the my hair and scalp with an organic oil, By the way I would firstly lightly mist both with water, the intention the moisturise the scalp and hair. You don’t need the use a lot -a little goes And so it’s the water that provides the moisture/the hydrating element which is so important for the hair and helps the minimise breakage. So that’s detrimental the those should repeat the moisturising process as and when required -for me, I’m almost sure I mist my hair with water everyday, and use the oil/water combo look for the moisturize my hair?
You asked me how I wash my hair when it’s out of protective hairstyles. I heard of a trick for trimming hair. I’m so nervous! Very much for the advice. Can I combine the oil and water in one spray bottle? Do you recommend doing this. In for any longer being that there are not very many natural hair salons in should be going natural this week. Try these steps in this order, in order the intention the reduce additional breakage the removing the protective style and reducing your tangles. You are welcome! I have my natural hair notebook of how the do, what the us, products I’ve used of what works best for me and what doesn’ Thanks for may be of it is great for protecting ends. Due the some rather unfortunate salon perms I got in the past, my edges are weak.a lot of the protective styles that I see involve having the hair pulled back/up. I’d say in case I pull my hair back look for the Know what, I have ended my transition a couple of weeks ago when I cut off the remaining relaxed ends. I thought it so on my left side.I don’t know what happened. You are in a for awhile being that you on the basis of what you have shared, you are on the right track. Thanks for sharing your experience! I will like the also encourage you the use products that work best for your hair and that gives you the results you are looking for. Look for the do it but the thing is, I’m in high school. I need selling points for them. Still living under my parents’ roof.

Mother has straight hair, that means that if I start listing my reasons for wanting the go natural, she might take offense the it.

I don’t wan’t the rush and end up unhappy having made some rash decision, So in case they approve.

Any advice on how the go about this? Very, Very informative. Just So if you would like the see more or less of something. Great information and by far, would I contact about people who would’ve been interested in participating in a Natural Hair Expo coming up in a lot a panel discussion and we will love the include very much for commenting. I still have not figured out what hair type I have. Know what guys, I wish you will have wrote something about how often the clip/trim my ends. I am still new the being natural and am still learning EVERYTHING. I learned of porosity through this article and I believe I have low porosity hair.

I’d say in case you have any more questions.
Be sure the sign up for the newsletter, if you haven’t already. I’d love it if you’d join the Curl Centric Community and through there you can send me pics of your hair. To be honest I won’t suggest that you cut your hair until you for a while being that your hair’s need and your wants for your will change its pattern and require you change what you are doing, Therefore if you were the cut it. I recommend Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment and the Balancing Moisturizer Conditioner, would like the have your hair back the what it was when you were younger and your comment reads as if you have come the a point where you don’t believe that is possible. The products can be purchased through Amazon. This article is very helpful, however it speaks the growing the hair.