Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity in movies or television wakes up with perfectly smooth hair and a face full of makeup? Well, the truth is – it is actually not real. Though, it is impossible to wake up with perfectly styled hair, it is actually possible to wake up with hair that you can manage with minimal effort. Here are some clever tricks that you can try to make your morning routines much easier.

Natural Hair

Women with natural hair always want to have a uniform curl hair. Applying mousse overnight can enhance the beauty of your natural hair. It can also improve its thickness and make it more manageable. You just need to apply it all over your hair, then section it and double strand twist or braid it. Do this with all the section and go to bed. Remove the braid or twist when you wake up in the morning. This will give you a more even curl and a fuller texture.

Pin Curls

Having your hair pin curl loosely before going to bed can give you a soft wavy hair in the morning. You just need to section your hair and start rolling it towards your scalp. It should look like a cinnamon bun or a swirl. You need to do this before going to bed and remove the pins in the morning. Brush your hair to create a soft wave or you can leave them as is to have full curls.

Head Band

Simply take a wraparound head band and place it near your hairline and at the back of your ear. You need to start rolling the sections of your hair in the head band until all of them are twisted around it. To make sure that it doesn’t loose when you roll around in your sleep, you need pin the ends of your hair. Remove the head band when you wake up in the morning and brush your hair. This will give your hair that soft finger wave look.

Enhance Your Hair Texture

Applying texturizing and volumizing hair products on your hair will enhance its natural texture and will create volume. You can apply it on your hair and wrap it inside a scarf before going to bed. Your hair will have a better texture and easier to style when you wake up in the morning.

Avoid Frizzy Hair

A simple trick to avoid getting frizzy hair when you wake up is to wrap it in a silk scarf. It will help limit the friction that your hair encounters when you sleep. This will give your hair a smooth and glowing appearance.

These tips and tricks will help you maintain your perfect hair overnight. You can now have your beauty rest without worrying about your hair in the morning.