Women often express their current mood by coloring their nails. However, everyone knows that applying nail polish and nail art can be a little tricky especially if you are doing it all by yourself for the first time. Worry no more, because we gathered few tips and tricks for getting that perfect nails on your own. Here are a few tips that you can follow to achieve the nails that show off your personality.

Dab some glitter. Adding glitter on your nails will not only add sparkle, it will also cover up the badly painted nails. The best way to do this is to dab a small amount of polish on your nails then even it out.

Make your polish last longer with white vinegar. Soaking your nails in white vinegar is a good trick to preserve your nail color. You just need to do this before applying your nail polish.

Remove stains with toothpaste. Dark shade color nail polish is the cause of the stains on your nails. The easiest way to get rid of them is to spread some whitening toothpaste onto your nails then scrub it using an old toothbrush. You can wash it afterwards and see that stains are all gone.

Stay away from the sun and wind. When you are applying your nail polish, you should keep in mind to stay away from the fan or the sun because they can damage the drying process and cause bubbles to appear on your nails. Another trick to prevent uneven application is to make sure that your nails are completely dry before applying any nail polish.

Band aids for French nails. Most women love French nails as it displays elegance and beauty but doing them all by yourself can be a little tricky. Surprisingly, you can get that French nails without buying a kit for French manicure. You just have to use a band-aid. To do this, you can choose your favorite nail color and apply it on your nails. Leave it for few hours and let it dry. Add upright band-aids on your nails then continue with your French tip manicure.

2 minute nail polish removal. Grab a single cotton ball, unravel it into a strip and rip them into small pieces enough to cover all finger nails on both hands. Dip these tiny strips into nail polish remover and press the wet pieces gently onto your nails making sure to fully cover them. Allow 2 minutes for it to do its job and when you pull off the pieces of cotton it should come off leaving your nail completely clean.

Patience is important.  Having patience is the most important thing to acquire if you want to have those elegant and beautiful nails. Blowing on your nails will not help to make your nail polish dry faster because there is moisture coming from your mouth. The best thing to do is to use a blow dryer and set it cool to dry it up faster.

It is not impossible to achieve those elegant and beautiful nails. You just have to follow the tips and tricks above and add a little patience, once you’re done with them you will be surprised to have a perfect nails that will look like being done by a professional.